Unnamed Argentinian Soldier (Battle of Mount Occult)
New 3rd Reich Operative
Main Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Home Country Argentina
Side New Third Reich
Rank Unknown
Nationality Argentinian
Race Hispanic
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Unknown
Skin Color Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Combat Info
Weapons M4 Carbine w/ Bayonet, Bersa Thunder 9, Frag Grenades
Equipment New Third Reich Jungle Uniform
Confirmed Kills Unknown
Final Info
Status Killed in Action
Killed By Francis Criscora
Cause of Death Shot in back 3 times.
The Argentinian Soldier who attacked Francis Criscora (??? - Janurary 16th, 2023) was a Waffen SS Operative who fought in the Battle of Mount Occult.

Life Before World War 3Edit

Much is unkown about the soldier's life, other than he was a staunch supporter of a facism government.

Combat in World War 3Edit

He was present in the Battle of Mount Occult, where he fled from monsters in the depths with his Waffen SS Regiment. Unfortunately for him, he ran right into NATO Rangers, iniating combat with Francis Criscora of the NATO Rangers.

Fight with Francis and DeathEdit

He managed to shove Francis down and prepared to stab him through the back with his bayonet. However, Francis rolled away, causing the soldier's bayonet to get stuck in the rocks. Before he could draw his pistol, Francis kicked the soldier in the head, knocking him to the ground. He was then shot 3 times in the back, killing him.