Swim Mask
A female tribute wearing the Swim Mask.
A mask that covers the face from the nose up. Made from tempered glass and colored variously.
To see clearly underwater, to prevent water from going up the nose.
Many Games

Swim Masks are useful items found throughout Panem. A simple yet effective item, Swim Masks can be the difference between drowning and surviving.


In the career districts, swim masks are used for training tributes underwater combat. In District 4, it's used for spearfishing and diving. In District 1 and the Capitol, it is worn underwater for models who look good in a swim mask.

412th Hunger GamesEdit

Zoey Harris wore a swim mask during her fight with Yuri Harris. She lost it during her fight when Yuri ripped it from her face, and it is assumed the mask sank to the bottom of the river.

997th Hunger GamesEdit

A games known for their brutal victor Boris Galluci, a rogue career, the girl from 4, used a pink one to skin dive in the deep sea of the arena, managing to catch fish and find treasures throughout the games. She fought Boris in an intense underwater fight. Boris was nearly drowned by the girl, but he managed to drag her out of the water and beat her to death with a sandstone rock, were she then became Boris's 8th victim.

1003rd Hunger GamesEdit

Two female tributes, the girl from 6 and the girl from 8, acquired these during the bloodbath. They managed to swim to the ocean's bottom, and hide underwater whenever careers looked for them. The girl from 6 lost her swim mask during a fight with the boy from 9, but managed to kill him despite being unable to see clearly. The girl from 8 had her's on when she drowned after an anchor pinned her to the ocean floor. Both swim masks were recovered after the games had ended and put where there former wearer's had died at.

1005th Hunger GamesEdit

A swim mask was a key item to the victor of 1005th Games, a girl from District 9. She wore a yellow swim mask and managed to stay hidden underwater in a river with a handmade snorkel. When the girl from 3 tried to cross the river, the girl from 9 dragged her under. Able to see better with the swim mask than the girl from 3, the girl from 9 easily drowned the girl from 3. She managed to win when she did the same thing to the girl from 11 to win.

Dangerous WatersEdit

So far, only one has appeared. Genevieve Azarling wore one to train herself. Upon wearing it, she found out she could stay underwater 30 seconds longer than usual.