The Skirmish near Death Valley was a small skirmish near Death Valley between a waterborne holdout and a band of Capitol Bounty Hunters.


An unknown male Waterborne gathered an amount of Waterbornes, sailing from District 4 west to the coast of east Texas. They then stole horses from District 10, traveling northwest until they reached the hot Death Valley. They lived a nomadic life, traveling all around Death Valley.

The BattleEdit

A traveling group of Capitol Bounty Hunters tracked the Waterbornes down from District 10, following the tracks left behind. They encountered each other near Death Valley, where a battle happened. Being dehydrated and malnourished, the Waterbornes swiftly lost and only managed to kill 3 Bounty hunters. The leader of the holdout was beheaded for money, and the surviving 3 Waterbornes ran off into the Rocky Mountains.


After the battle, the bounty hunters attempted to find the 3 waterbornes who escaped, but were unable to due to blizzardy conditions in the rockies. They brought the head of the holdout leader to the president, who used it as propoganda.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Unknown Male Waterborne: Beheaded by a bounty hunter.

Known SurvivorsEdit

3 Waterbornes survived the battle but possibly died in the Rockies.