The Shootout on Pike Island was the last fight in the Waterborne Uprising. It was between Viktor Waterborne and 30 Elite Peacekeepers lead by General Amistad


After the loss of the Second Battle of the District 1 Waterborne Stronghold, Viktor Waterborne retreated to the nearby Pike Island. There he camouflaged himself and prepared for a final stand against the Capitol.

The ShootoutEdit

3 Peacekeepers were gunned down by Viktor when they passed by his hidden position. Spotting General Amistad, Viktor grew angry with his arch nemesis, shooting at the General. It hit Amistad three times in the left leg and once in the torso. 

Peacekeepers, now alerted to his position, started to throw fire bombs to burn him out. Viktor retreated, killing 6 more peacekeepers in the chaos. 

Chased to the west side of the island, Viktor dug himself in on a small elevation, shooting at the incoming peacekeepers. He killed 4 more, before shooting and wounding others. Eventually Viktor was ambushed by one of the peacekeepers, who unloaded a submachine gun magazine into him from behind, ending the Waterborne's life there.


After Viktor was killed, the Waterborne Uprising and Holocaust ended. Seeing the last chance at a Waterborne comeback killed, the President ended the manhunt for any Waterborne (even though all Waterbornes were branded as execute on sight even after Viktor's death), and proclaimed that the Uprising had been crushed.