The Scythe as it appears in the 699th Hunger Games.
A tool normally used for farming, it can be used as a weapon thanks to it's long reach and it's hooked end.
Very Long
The Barn (699th Hunger Games) Cornucopia (Multiple Games)

Scythes are a very rare weapons that are found exclusively deep in the cornucopia. Preferred by District 11 and District 9 tributes due to their farming backgrounds, scythes are powerful in the right hands but just as dangerous to the user in the wrong hands.

699th Hunger GamesEdit

Scythes were rare in the 699th Hunger Games, the only one was found inside a barn.

Only one tribute used the scythe as a weapon, that tribute being the District 8 Male. He used the scythe in his fight with the Headtaker, though he wasn't very expirienced with it. He managed to get it imbedded in the Headtaker's back, but in doing so he lost his weapon completely.

Characters who have used scythes.Edit

These are all the characters who have ever wielded a scythe.

  • District 8 Male (699th Hunger Games)