The Raid of Madgascar was an operation by Terrorism Organized to retake the island nation of Madagascar back from the United Communist Alliance.


On Feburary 1st, Somalia Pirates and ISIS Operatives launched an invasion on Western Madgascar, planning to take the country back. The initial raid began on the small coastal town of Maintirano.

The BattleEdit

Terrorism Organized surprised UCA Forces by attacking at night. Unprepared for an attack, the hastily prepared defenses of Maintirano fell easy to TO gunfire. The tide turned against the UCA after Corporal Jaasin Toure of TO turned a UCA machine gun nest on it's own troops. After this 15 minutes slaughter, the UCA forces of Maintirano retreated back to the Madagascar Capital of Antananarivo.


After the battle, the TO Forces decided to rest in Maintirano and continue their march to take Antananarivo back from the UCA.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Known SurvivorsEdit

Jaasin Toure