Primary Antagonists
Lawful Evil Organization
Capitol Originated
Year Created Before the Dark Days
District of Origination Capitol, Career Districts
Heads of the Family The President
Family Victors Various District 1, 2, and 4 victors.
Average Appearance
Average Eye Color Varies
Average Hair Color Varies
Average Height 5'0-5'8 (Females)

5'6-6'4 (Males)

Average Weight 100 lbs-150 lbs (Females)

140 lbs-230 lbs (Males)

Average Build Varies
"Peace for Panem."
―General Motto[src]
The Peacekeepers are driving antagonists in most of Salmon's works. They appear frequently through the series.

Passin' Time PeacekeepersEdit

Known PeacekeepersEdit

Peackeepers with known names.

Unknown PeacekeepersEdit

These are Peacekeepers who's names were never known.

Burly Peacekeeper who Confronts BillieEdit

This large Peacekeeper tracks Billie down using a radio transmitter, crushing her cellphone. He prepares to execute her, to be knocked down by an agent of the rebellion. After his two comrades are dispatched, he attempts to shoot said agent, resulting in his death by a throwing knife through the forehead.

Peacekeeper executed by Elias De LeoneEdit

A medium sized Peacekeeper catches Zee, Echo, and Haven escaping from the party. He plans on killing them on the spot, but Elias De Leone shoots him in the back of the head before he can do so.