Pacific Ocean
Body of Water
Located between Far East Districts and District 14 and 1.
Eastern and Western Hemisphere Location
District Located 1, 14, 17
Controlled By Nobody
Main Activity Fishing, Diving, Swimming, Snorkeling, Marine Biology, Fishing
Major Events Battle of the Pacific
Climate Temperate (Northern Parts)

Tropical (Central and Southern Parts)

Elevation None
The Pacific Ocean is a large body of water seperating the Far East Districts from Panem. District 14 is located in it's far western sides. It's used for many activites.

Above Water ActivitesEdit

The Pacific Ocean is used mostly for fishing and recreational boating. It attracts professionals from all around Panem in an annual tournament for a penthouse in District 1. District 17 and 14 both use the ocean as a food source and studying for scientific things.

Underwater ActivitesEdit

Many professional divers go for deep dives in the ocean, hoping to find treasure. Freediver's train lung capacity skills here. Tourists to District 14 often snorkel as well.

Famous People Living ThereEdit

Chiasa Izanami, heir to the Eastern District Throne, lives in the coast of the ocean in her home in District 17. On hot summer days, she'll scuba dive in the shallows of the ocean, and sometimes train her breathholding abilities as well.

Chiasa Izanami scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean