Nikki Waterborne
Chaotic Good Character
Holdout Leader
Born in District 4
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District 4
Age 20
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown with blonde highlights
Height 5'3
Weight 107 lbs.
Build Slender
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By Drowning Trap
Cause of Death Drowning
"She hated her eye color so much, she always wore a huge pair of sunglasses everywhere."
Nikki Waterborne (August 8th, 680 ADD-March 3rd, 701 ADD) was a former Waterborne Commando and female holdout leader who ruled the Montana Gorge Holdout

Liberation of District 4Edit

Nikki was one of the youngest Waterborne Commandos at a ripe age of 19 years old, and was very fit and athletic. She got 1 confirmed kill in the battle, and attracted little attention. After the battle she celebrated heavy, and although not 21 yet, drank plenty of alcohol.

Invasion of District 4Edit

After the failure of Operation Gulf Raid, Nikki Waterborne formulated plans of settling just south of the Capitol, right under there noses where they wouldn't check. She also picked the location for it's strategic importance, carrying many communication devices to spy on the city and relay information to the District 1 Waterborne stronghold.

First Battle of the District 1 Waterborne StrongholdEdit

Although not present during the battle, Nikki relayed information to Viktor Waterborne days before, alerting him to the capitol's march. 


Nikki and Waterbornes in her holdout joined forces with Viktor and his forces to plan a siege on the Capitol. Nikki was tasked with getting in the city, and relaying any supply rationes to be destroyed so the siege could be effective. Nikki led 10 of her followers with her to the edge of the capitol's walls. Stripping down to a bikini and donning a red swim mask, Nikki went into the sewer system, to find a way into the city. 

She swam through the dirty water, surfacing for air every 3 minutes before swimming back under. However, halfway through the sewer tunnel, a drowning trap grabbed her by the leg and pulled her underwater. She panicked, screaming for help from her 10 followers, air rapidly escaping her lungs. Her followers tried to disable the trap, but two of them were pulled under as well. With 3 women screaming underwater and losing air fast, the other 7 followers quickly left the sewer in fear they were next. Nikki and the other 2 drowned shortly after, ruining Viktor's attack plan.