Lily Nersi
Lily as she appears in the 412th Hunger Games.
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133 lbs.
1 (7 Male)
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Cause of Death
Damage to the brain from interruption of its blood supply.
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Lily Nersi was the female tribute from District 2 in the 412th Hunger Games. She was the victor of her games.

412th Hunger GamesEdit

Lily was a tribute in the 412th Hunger Games from District 2. She was reaped alongside with her district partner, Blair Battitties.

She was expected to do well during the games, and was ranked 4th for most likely in winning the games. She scored a 9 and had the odds of 7-1. During training, she also allied with the careers.

Lily managed to survive the bloodbath, using a throwing axe to kill the boy from 7 during it. She and her fellow careers then proceeded to protect the cornucopia.

On the seventh day, the careers began to turn on each other. Lily survived the battle by hiding behind a crate. When she came out of hiding, the only career alive was her district partner, Blair Battitties. He promised not to kill Lily, showing affection due to her being from District 2.

By the eighth day, the games were down to four tributes. After hearing a cannon, Lily knew it was just Blair and her versus another tribute. Unable to bring herself to kill a sleeping Blair, Lily took her supplies, leaving her last ally as she went to find the final tribute.

Lily found the last tribute, who turned out to be Yuri Harris. She attempted to kill him by hurling throwing axes at him. One of them managed to strike Yuri in the shoulder, but he quickly closed the gap between himself and Lily.

Lily was then grabbed by the shoulders and pushed down on her back. She attempted to raise her head up, but Yuri shoved it underwater into a creek. She screamed out as water ran down her lungs, and bubbles came flying out. It looked like the end of Lily, when she felt Yuri's grip on her weaken.

She shoved the boy off her, gasping for air as she surfaced. Blair had come looking for Lily and had arrived in the nick of time. Now the final two tributes, Blair and Lily gave each other one last kiss, before Blair stabbed himself through the guts, killing himself so Lily could win.

After Blair's death, Lily was declared the winner of the 412th Hunger Games. She was escorted from the arena and back to District 2, where she would try to overcome the terrible sights she'd seen in the games and mentor the new batches of tributes.


Lily lived to the ripe age of 90, before she succumbed to a stroke. Her legend lives on in the many tributes she mentored over her many years of being a victor.


Lily was a small and athletic girl, who's skin complexion and good looks set her up as a beautiful career girl. She had bright green eyes and frizzy brown hair, and an overall lovely apperance.