"I ran as fast as I could to escape the menace cornucopia. With a score like mine, my chances of surviving it were terrible. I didn't see an arrow come for my head, as everything faded to black. "
―Joey's first and only POV of the games.[[src]]
Joey Wheatgobb
Tribute of the Isle Games
Deaths of the First Day
True Neutral
Basic Statistics
Gender Male
District 9
Age 15
Eye Color Dark Green
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'4
Weight 115 lbs.
Build Small and Scrawny
Game's Information
Final Placing 24th out of 24 tributes.
Killed By Sedar Seed
Joey Wheatgobb was a tribute in the The Isle Games (124th Hunger Games). He was from District 9 and was the district partner of Adriana Chloris. Overall, he placed 24th out of 24 tributes.


Joey did poor in training, achieving a terrible score of 3 and even worse odds at 33-1.

The GamesEdit

Joey was one of the weakest tributes of the games, and as soon as the games began, he tried to run away from the cornucopia. This decision was his demise, as he was impaled through the back of the head with an arrow shot by Sedar Seed. His final placing was 24th of 24, which isn't unusual for District 9 tributes.


  • He was the first tribute killed in a games written by Summer Salmon.
  • He had the lowest score and odds of the games.
  • He was one of the two extras (the other being Joshua Cottonseed).