IceIce before setting sail to District 14
True Neutral Character
Deceased Character
Born and resided in The Capitol
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District The Capitol
Age 19 (at death)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'6
Weight 128 lbs.
Build Slim and Petite
Final Info
Status {{{status}}}
Killed By Helena Furlarm
Cause of Death Drowning
Ice was a female sailor for the Capitol who was heading to District 14 to join the Capitol Hydro Demons.

Early LifeEdit

Ice was born in the Capitol under a family of normal standards. She looked out of place in the capitol, but just normal to the other districts.

Voyage to District 14Edit

Ice was a sailor aboard a capitol ship on her way to District 14. She planned on joining the Capitol Hydro Demons and helping with the war efforts. There she met a cat mutt-tribute, Helena Furlarm. She took a liking to the cat-girl, and was polite and nice.


When bomber planes from Districts 16 and 17 bombed the ship, Ice quickly led Helena to below decks to gather gear. There, she picked up a blue swim mask, strapping it over her face as Helena dove underwater to escape the sinking ship. Ice took a deep breath and dove in after her, eventually clambering on debris with Helena, hoping to float to District 14.

Ice noticed the debris start to sink, and knew only 1 would make it to District 14. She slipped her swim mask on and tackled Helena under the water, trying to drown the cat girl. Ice was able to hold Helena under well, thanks to her swim mask giving her clear sight, and was looking to suceed. Helena realized this, clawing Ice's swim mask off her face. Her vision blurred, Ice blindly grabbed Helena's leg, still attempting to drown the girl.

Helena eventually puts on Ice's swim mask, and with clearer vision than Ice, Helena kicks Ice's face, clawing her cheek and causing her to let go. After Helena gets a breath of water, Ice, who hasn't surfaced the whole battle, grabs onto Helena's throat and attempts to drown her one last time. After Helena claws her neck, Ice begins to lose air fast. Ice attempted to get to the surface to breathe, but Helena held her under. After a last flurry of air bubbles, Ice goes still. She had been drowned.