Haruko Izanami
Lawful Good
Former Princess of Eastern Districts
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District 16
Age 16 (at death)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'7
Weight 126 lbs.
Build Tall and Slim
Game's Information
Final Placing N/A
Killed By Drowning
"With the death of my sister, Districts 16 and 17 were ready to fight for the rebellion."
―Chiasa Izanami on Haruko Izanami's death[src]
Haruko Izanami was born in District 16 of Korean descent. She was born to the King and Queen of the Eastern Districts. She died in Diver's Bay at age 16 due to faulty scuba gear.

Early LifeEdit

Haruko was born in royalty. She was the heir to the throne, and at 2 years of age, got a sister, Chiasa. The two were close, and got along well. Not much else is known, other than her hobby of diving.


Sometime before the Drowning Games, Haruko Izanami went scuba diving with some friends in Diver's Bay. Soon she felt herself inhale water. Her air tank was leaking water. In a panic, she ripped off the faulty scuba tank, the water in her lungs causing her to cough up more air. Her friends didn't know what to do, as Haruko died an agonizing death of drowning.


Due to her death being caused by a capitol produced air tank, District 16 and 17 rebelled from the capitol and killed the capitol agents in the districts. Her death sparked a revolution in the East, and assisted in one in the West.