The Escape from New Third Labor Camp was an escape attempt by NATO Rangers to escape from a New Third Reich labor camp high in the Andes mountains.


Weeks before the event, NATO rangers planned an escape, waiting for the right moment to inact it.

The BattleEdit

NATO Rangers and various other prisoners began the battle by killing a high ranking prison guard, taking his keys and beginning the escape. After fighting out of the cell blocks, they managed to kill a few prison guards armed with P38 pistols, taking their arms and pushing through.

They fought there way from the prison blocks to a long hallway. Fierce fighting ensued, but the prisoners managed to overcome the guards inside. After reaching the end of the hallway, they went outside, into a large coutyard. By now, the prison guards had upgraded to G38 Assault rifle.

Prisoners began to get torn down by the G38 assaults, but after acquring the rifles themselves, they managed to fight their way to the battlements of the prison walls. They were about to jump down to freedom, but a Eurocopter Tiger rose up, laying waste to most of the escaping prisoners.

Only 11 or so survived the copter's attack. Francis took out the helicopter, but it crashed into the prison wall, sending the remaining prisoners tumbling into rubble.

Only Francis Criscora and Chris Girone survived the wall collapse. Chris carried Francis to a vehicle shed, were they hijacked to motorbikes and tried to make their escape down the mountain road. However, pursuing jeeps and trucks chased after the duo, and a fierce chase began.

The duo managed to take out enemy motorcyclists, before hijacking a truck. It look liked they were about to escape, but a missile fired from a chasing Eurocopter Tiger sent the truck on it's side, sliding to the mountain's edge.

Francis managed to survive the crash unscathed, but Chris was impaled from shrapnel off the exploded truck. He told Francis to escape, while he stayed behind to by him some time. Francis leaped into a nearby river, while Chris shot down 2 prison guards, before being gunned down himself.


Out of the whole escape, only Francis managed to get out alive, as everyone else either perished or were recaptured. N3R Soldiers began to search for Francis, but were unable to find him.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Jeremy Harris

Chris Girone

Known SurvivorsEdit

Francis Criscora