"Dying through submersion in and inhalation of water."
―Drowning Definition[src]
Drowning is a popular type of death in Salmon's works. There are 3 stages of it, which will be explained.

A girl drowning.


There are many causes of drowning. Most of the time it's natural or caused by another person.


Being Trapped: An individual is somehow trapped underwater, and unable to escape, eventually runs out of air and drowns.

Unable to Swim: An individual is unable to tread water, and ends up sinking to the bottom of a deep water body. They normally drown soon after hitting the bottom.

Unable to reach Air in time: Sometimes one may be swimming deep underwater, and realize they need to breathe. They'll try to swim to the surface, but drown before they make it.


Net Method: Favored by District 4 tributes, a tribute is entangled in a net by another tribute. They are then thrown underwater and left to drown. Rarely a tribute will survive.

Held Underwater: A tribute will hold another tribute underwater until they drown.


There are 3 stages of drowning.

Low on AirEdit

A tribute will begin to run low on air. Signs include fearful eyes, small amounts of bubbles flying out of the nose and mouth, and trying to swim upward. Many manage to reach the surface at this stage, and don't drown. However some do progress to the next stage.


Tributes will begin swim like crazy. Air bubbles will stream in large amounts from their nose and mouth, and they may scream in fear and panic. They'll begin to try and inhale, only to cough up air as water enters their lungs. This stage occurs for about 15 seconds, before the tribute will black out and go to the next stage.


If not rescured and given CPR within a minute of blacking out, a tribute will drown. Air will cease to come from their nose and mouth and they'll go rigid, floating around in the water. Tributes that drowned will then be taken away.

Surviving DrowningEdit

There are cases where a tribute blacked out after drowning, but where rescued and quickly given CPR, saving their lives. These are seldom, as most of the time, tributes will have already drowned.

Known Survivors include Scylla Wells,

Victims of DrowningEdit

These tributes ended up drowning and did not survive.

Ray Xerxes, Kanara Montugi, Laelynn Rizpah, Emilia Oswald, Valentina Parr, Haruko Izanami