The District 8 Female was the female tribute from District 8 during the 701st Hunger Games. Overall, she placed 19th out of 24, average for District 8 standards.


Not much is known about the girl or her early life or family. She was reaped to participate in the 701st Games however, and became District 8's female tribute.


The girl performed average in training, garnering a score of 6 and odds of 18-1.

The GamesEdit

The female was positioned to the right of Mack Waterborne and to the left of the District 9 Male. When the games started, she gathered with her allies, the Anti-Careers, and looted the cornucopia. When the careers confronted them, the two alliances battled each other.


After fighting for a minute or so, the girl from 8 attempted to throw her axe into Valora Vista. However, Valora stabbed her through the abdomen, giving her a slow painful death. Overall, she placed 19th out of 24.


  • According to the Tribute Physicals her papers show that she's 5'7" and weighs 107 pounds.
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