Capitol Combat Divers
CCDTwo CCD divers
Faction of the Capitol
Special Forces Faction
Water Based Faction
Year Created 2nd Rebellion (76 ADD)
District of Origination Capitol
Commanding Officer Donavan McQuire
Number of Active Members 500-750
Allies The Capitol
Enemies The Rebellion

The Rebel Waterbased Forces

The De Leone Mercenaries

The Female De Leone Mercenary Divers

"We're swift death for Rebel scum."
The Capitol Combat Divers (shortened to CCD) are sub faction of the main Capitol. Operating in water, these forces are trained in various water combat tactics. Although dangerous underwater, one may question their dangerousness on land.


TUSA Swim MaskEdit

The agents wear silver colored TUSA Swim Masks. Used for durability and clearest vision underwater, they aid the CCD in the biggest way.

Blue Swim FinsEdit

Blue swim fins help the CCD swim fast through water.

SCUBA Air TankEdit

These give the CCD the much needed air supply underwater.

Beretta 92FSEdit

The CCD's secondary weapon. Capable of firing underwater, uses bullets that travel just as fast through water as on land.

Known MembersEdit

Unnamed Pink Haired Diver

Unnamed Tuxedo Clad Man

Unnamed Capitol Boat Driver