The Battle of the District 2 Waterborne Stronghold was the 4th battle of the Waterborne Uprising that led to the complete destruction of the District 2 Waterborne Stronghold.


Months after the invasion of District 4, Peacekeepers were sent to District 2. Unaware that there was even a war, the District 2 Waterbornes were unaware, until surviving mercenaries hired by Arthur refuged in the district. It was then the peacekeepers attacked.

The BattleEdit

Peacekeepers began to open fire on the stronghold, killing many waterbornes stranded outside the barred doors. They took the courtyard relatively easy, and began to break down the main gate entering the stronghold.

A blizzard blew in from the nearby Rocky Mountains, and with the weather fowl, Waterbornes began to shoot everywhere outside, hitting peacekeepers with blind fire. Unable to find out where they were being shot from, the peacekeepers were forced to retreat from the courtyard to wait for the blizzard to pass.

After the weather cleared, snow was piled everywhere, further entrenching the stronghold. Peacekeepers then used incendinary grenades to blow the building and melt snow, causing an inferno to capture the stronghold. They then shot and killed anyone who exited the building, trying to flee from fire adn smoke.

After the stronghold burned down, the few captured waterbornes were rounded up and executed on public tv. This was a warning to anyone who would be future rebels.


After the battle, the last Waterborne stronghold in District 1 prepared vast defenses, gathering it's own personal navy in the coasts around District 1. They were led by Arthur's former right-hand man, Viktor Waterborne.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Harald Waterborne: Shot during the battle and later died from his wounds during the blizzard.

Known SurvivorsEdit

Artemisia Waterborne: Managed to survive the battle and evade peacekeepers.