The Battle of Mount Occult was the 2nd battle of World War 3 between NATO and the New Third Reich.


On Janurary 16th, a squad of NATO scouts were stationed near Cusco, Peru. When natives reported seeing N3R activity on Mount Occult, Seargent Jeremy Harris was ordered to take his squad of men and investigate.

The BattleEdit

Around 1:15 PM, an intense firefight began near the summit of the mountain. N3R soldiers were encamped in the mouth of a cave, and the squadron of soldiers had a mortar positioned on the peak of the mountain. Private First Class Francis Criscora managed to take out the mortar operator with his M39 Marksman rifle. After the mortar was taken out, the NATO rangers eliminated the remaining N3R Soldiers. 3 NATO Rangers and 14 N3R Soldiers were killed during the firefight. Regardless, Seargent Harris ordered his men to move into the cave.

On the way to the cave's depths, the NATO Rangers encountered a regiment of Waffen SS fleeing from the cave. After a brutal firefight, the SS Lieutenant and his soldiers were killed. 5 NATO Rangers died in this firefight and all 26 Waffen SS soldiers were killed.


NATO Rangers found the main base of the N3R Operatives, but found the soldiers they were looking for all dead. It wasn't long before they found out what killed the soldiers, beginning the Escape from Mount Occult.

Known CasualtiesEdit

Unnamed Waffen SS Lieutenant: Shot and killed during the second firefight of the battle.

Known SurvivorsEdit

Seargent Jeremy Harris: Survived to lead his men out of the mountain.

Private First Class Francis Criscora: Survived after a close encounter with an Argentinian soldier.