The Battle of La Yareda was the 3rd battle of World War 3 between NATO and the New 3rd Reich .


On Janurary 23rd, a fleet of battle cruisers from Panama embarked to Southern Peru to help NATO take Peru from the New 3rd Reich. At 11:49 AM on Feburary 1st, the Panama fleet arrived, blockading the N3R Outpost of La Yarada as soldiers from NATO controlled North Peru began a massive land invasion.

The BattleEdit

While Waffen SS Divers led by Lieutenant Clarissa McKnight began Operation Sabotage, the Panama Fleet began to fire bombard shells on La Yarada, attempting to weaken the fortifications so the Peruvian soldiers could easily overtake the outpost. However, 30 minutes of shelling, Operation Sabotage was completed, and all of the Panama ships were destroyed.

Without naval support from Panama, the Peruvian soldiers began there invasion. The surviving Panama sailors made there way to land, joining the Peru soldiers for a massive invasion. N3R Soldiers from Southern Bolivia and Chile were called to assist, as all hell broke lose in the massive fight.


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