Amlyn Waterborne
Lawful Good Character
Member of the Waterborne Milita
Born in District 4
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
District 4
Age 17
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Red
Height 5'5
Weight 135 lbs.
Build Curvy
Final Info
Status Deceased
Killed By Rodeo Baldios
Cause of Death Skull fracture caused by heavy club
"Man you've aged well."
―Marv Greene[src]
Amlyn Fjord Waterborne (known also as Maggie Gina Harrison) is the protagonist of The Fall of the Waterbornes (Story+Games! 701st) . The story is written entirely from her point of view.

Early LifeEdit


At a young age, Amlyn was trained like all other waterbornes. She still enjoyed swimming anyways.

Amlyn was born to her parents Ernest Waterborne and Santanna Waterborne. She was their six kid and the only one to survive the Waterborne ritual. She was trained at a young age to hold her breath and swim with extreme efficiency. She was outstanding, and easily moved up in the ranks.

Early Teenage YearsEdit


Amlyn was one of the few Waterbornes who could keep her eyes open in the salty waters of District 4 without a swim mask. Because of this she often did underwater modeling. Of course she stilled preferred wearing a swim mask underwater.

At age 13, Amlyn began her career as an underwater model. Gaining money for this, she wished to not participate in the Hunger Games, as she wanted to avoid killing people. It was at this age when a man named Marv Greene began stalking her.

The Waterborne UprisingEdit

Amlyn was 17 at the time of the Waterborne Uprising, and was one of the many drafted into the Waterborne Milita by Arthur Waterborne to war against the capitol in revenge for Christopher Waterborne's unfair death in the 700th Hunger Games

She participated in the Liberation of District 4, killing 3 peacekeepers (an act which she felt remorseful for) and assisting in the takeover. After the battle she was very much afraid of what was to come, knowing that the capitol was much more powerful than her family was.

The next morning she was a part of Operation Gulf Raid, in which she, her sister, and 19 other commandos attempted to raid a supply cache on the southern coast of Alabama. The operation was a failure, and Amlyn found herself trapped in a sinking helicopter, the threat of drowning becoming imminent.

She and her sister swam through the helicopter trying to find an exit. Amlyn bust the glass of the pilot's window, cutting her hand and causing her to bleed. However, she was able to escape. Her sister wasn't so lucky, her hair getting tangled up, making her unable to reach the surface for air. Amlyn tried her hardest to save her sister, but when sharks arrived, her sister purposefully drowned herself to force Amlyn to swim to shore. After she made it to the beach, she passed out from overexertion.

The 701st Hunger GamesEdit

She would later be adopted by a family and change her name to Maggie Harrison. She became the District 4 Female for the 701st Hunger Games.

During training, she noticed the bloodlust of the District 1 Female and the District 2 Male, and she would go on to shame Rio Waterborne, Artemisia Waterborne, and Mack Waterborne in a swimming competition verified by the leader of the Careers, Uzi Kystrel. She scored a 7 in private training, and Mack belittled and intimidated her, saying that he'd 'see her again, in the sky'.